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Visualize your own online business using one or more of these key word, and very descriptive website addresses to promote and prosper !

LeaseAGood.com offers short, brand able, descriptive, product type domain names and related URL's for lease.
Used in promotions, advertising and also affiliate marketing. 

Also, each of our domains offer unique "Just For You" Website Address'es (URL's) using ...

... ( is your choice of any word, words, or number before the domain name.
  • Examples:  YourName.DomainName.com
  • ... YourName.eBook-s.com
  • ... YourName.AutoSale-s.com
  • ... YourName.Bead-s.com
  • ... YourName.BuyingCoin-s.com
  • ... YourName.Jewel-ry.com
  • ........... many more key word domains are available ... see letter menu above.


... ( is any word, words, or number after the domain name.
  • Examples:  DomainName.com/YourName
  • ... eBook-s.com/YourName
  • ... AutoSale-s.com/YourName
  • ... Call.bz/Your PhoneNumber  ( Any number in the world )
  • ... Call-1.com/Your PhoneNumber ( USA and Canada )
  • ... 1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _  Your area code and phone number ( Any phone number in USA & Canada )  See 1-_ _ _ in menu.
  • ... 1-800.bz/Your Toll-Free Number ( All Toll-Free numbers in North America are available )
  • ........... many more key word domains are available ... see letter menu above.


See these pages ... to learn how our domain URL's can enable a web presence for business and home use in marketing and advertising.

 1... About ....... LeaseAGood.com
  2.. Mission .... LeaseAGood.com
   3. Products .. LeaseAGood.com

to learn how you, your business, your family and friends can benefit from a web address from LeaseAGood.com.
Once you learn the concept, you will see many ways these URL's can benefit you, family and business. 

When deciding to lease one or more of these key word URL's, we will help you get online in minutes.
Each of these URL's can be your main website,
they can be set to redirect to any existing website / page. Your Choice.

If you have a Facebook page, or a site built on a free website, these URL's we offer can auto redirect to any of your choice.

As with many Real-Estate agents, who's profile web page address is a long URL down several folders in the Broker's website.

The agent doesn't print this long URL on any print media, business cards, yard signs, brochures, newspaper ads, etc.

Using our Phone Number URL, 1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _ , this can be set to auto redirect to the profile web page URL.

A standard phone number like ...
1-555 - 765-4321
can be presented / printed as ...

Your Phone Number AND Web Site Address in ONE !
Printed where ever your phone number is in print now.

Business cards, signs, classified ad's, Yellow page ad's, letter heads, yard signs, etc.

The URL's we offer are very descriptive, short and unique to you.  5 words says it all, uniquely. & Phone Number Web Addresses.

Please contact us with questions, and ask for a no obligation demo webpage using any of the domains.

See About page.

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