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Phone Number Website Address

Phone Number AND Website Address as ONE !

All phone numbers in USA and Canada are available as
1-_ _ _ .com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

Using any of our 350+ area code domain names,

My Area code 715 uses our Domain Name.)
We add a /folder that is the 7 digit phone number.



Any Home or Business Phone Number
in Area Code (715) is available as a website address.

Same goes for all other area codes in USA and Canada

Just fill in your area code and phone number to visualize your URL.
1-_ _ _ .com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

(Plain) Phone numbers are seen in most every ad in all print media.
Business cards, classifieds, paper/shopper ad's, TV, letter heads, emails, flyers, signs, billboards, novelty items, websites, etc.

Plain phone numbers have been advertised for over a hundred years, offering day time calling, … Voice Only.

With a subscription to your
Phone Number As A Website Address (URL)

It magnifies the advertising potential of
your phone number any where seen in print.

Representing your phone number
it offers Voice day time, and web access 24/7.




Options in Advertising

Imagine you have puppies, or a motorcycle, or Motor home, or an antique, for sale using a classified ad in the paper, or pin-up at the grocery store, and your phone number (URL) in your ad, takes the ad reader to your YouTube video of your item for sale.
Would that help you sell your item(s).

Baby Cup

1-_ _ _ .com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _

We have your number URL ready to go to work for you.

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AC Domains /Folder As Website Subscribe